Parnell Village

Stop 7: Parnell Village

The main street of the suburb of Parnell features a wonderful blend of old and new, with restored timber villas housing charming boutique shops, art galleries, elegant cafes, and restaurants.

There are many New Zealand-made treasures to be found here, from designer jewellery and clothing to gifts, paintings, and sculptures.

Parnell Village History

Parnell is often billed as Auckland’s “oldest suburb” since it dates from the earliest days of the European settlement of Auckland in 1841. It was named after Samuel Duncan Parnell, who is credited with the establishment of the eight-hour workday in New Zealand.

In the early 20th century, the suburb’s main street had become run-down and unattractive. Local property developer Les Harvey set about transforming it, renovating the historic villas, and creating a series of boutique shopping and entertainment areas.

Today Parnell Village is a stylish and charming place to spend some time shopping, dining or simply exploring its intriguing laneways.

Exploring Parnell

The main street, Parnell Rise, runs from Holy Trinity Cathedral at the top to the Strand at the bottom.

While there’s plenty to enjoy just by strolling along Parnell Rise, we recommend venturing down the little lanes and paths you’ll find throughout, as there are many more shops, art galleries and boutiques to be found.

Stop information

Bus Timetable

First bus: 9.35am

Last bus: 4.35pm


Bus stop outside 279 Parnell Road, Parnell


Free Entry


Not fully accessible by wheelchair


Public toilets are located at Heard Reserve, corner Parnell Rd & Ruskin Street

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