Top Tips for enjoying your Auckland Explorer Tour


We recommend exchanging your currency to New Zealand money before you start your tour. Our ticket sellers do not hold foreign currency and many of the attractions do not handle foreign currency at all. You may also want refreshments during the day, so a small amount of New Zealand dollars will always be handy.


Credit card transactions take time and can delay departure and cause delays to our schedule. We accept only Visa or Mastercard.


If you have bought a voucher either online or from an agent, please exchange this for your tickets with our ticket seller at the bus stop (if present) before boarding, or have it ready for the driver to exchange. Please ensure you have a printed voucher available to swap. If you were unable to print your voucher but have the details on a phone or tablet please have this ready to show to the driver as the voucher details will need to be taken off the device.


Please take a seat as soon as you board the bus, as this helps keep the service on schedule.


For your safety, please always remain seated until the bus comes to a complete stop at the bus stop.


Do not leave your personal belongings on the bus when visiting the attractions or finishing your tour. Double check you have everything every time you exit the bus. Belongings returned to customers at the end of our business day will incur a charge to you.


We do not allow any food, hot beverages or beverages without lids on our service. Sipper bottles are OK. 


You will need to show your ticket to the driver each time you board the bus, so keep it somewhere safe but easily accessible. If you lose your ticket you may be required to purchase another to continue your tour.


Be considerate of other passengers and don’t talk over the commentary.


Your Day Pass covers both the Red and Blue loops. Each loop takes exactly 1 hour to complete (if you are not getting on and off at the various attractions). The two loops connect at Stop 5, the Auckland Museum. To maximise your time with us we recommend that you treat the routes like a figure of 8 - start on the Red loop, transfer to the Blue loop when you get to the Museum, then back to the Red when you have completed the Blue. If you try to do the complete Red loop first then go back to the Blue loop you may run out of time later in the day.


If you purchase a One Hour ticket this means you will have a 1 hour sightseeing trip on the Red Loop only, without getting off the bus.


When you join the bus you will be given an info sheet with information about the various attractions we will be stopping at. This will help you decide where to get off to visit, and the times the bus will be back at that stop, it will also give you a list of any applicable entrance fees and the discount you will receive when you show your Explorer Bus day pass. Please take the time to read this, or you can view online from this website under the ‘About Us’ tab. your social media marketing partner